The Art of Letting Go: Insights from Cirque du Soleil’s Head Coach Michael Ocampo

Cirque du Soleil's Head Coach Michael Ocampo

Cirque du Soleil has long been admired for its breathtaking performances, dazzling visuals, and awe-inspiring acrobatics. Behind these extraordinary shows lies a team of talented artists and coaches who work tirelessly to bring the magic to life. Today, we have the privilege of gaining some valuable insights from Cirque du Soleil’s head coach, Michael Ocampo, who shares his wisdom on creativity, coaching, and the journey that led him to this renowned circus troupe.

Backstage interview

The Power of Letting Go

As a creative individual, whether you’re a video content creator, writer, or performer, it’s easy to be plagued by self-doubt and concern about what others might think of your work. Michael Ocampo stresses that the most important lesson he learned as an artist is the power of letting go. The fear of judgment can stifle one’s true potential. To truly unlock your creativity, you must release these inhibitions and embrace your artistry with confidence. Only then can you reach new heights and leave your audience in awe.

From Artist to Coach

Michael’s journey with Cirque du Soleil began in 1993 when he joined as an artist. Over the course of a decade, he performed in various shows, including “Alegria” and “Salton Blanco.” Eventually, he transitioned into coaching, where he found his true passion lay in nurturing and guiding the next generation of acrobats. His experience as an artist allows him to connect with the performers on a deeper level, understanding the challenges they face while pushing the boundaries of their art.

“Corteo”: A Mesmerizing Spectacle

One of the shows Michael currently coaches is “Corteo.” He describes it as a beautiful blend of acrobatics and theatrical elements, capturing the essence of the circus experience. The show’s unique storyline makes it easier for the audience to follow along, making it an immersive and unforgettable experience. As a coach, Michael finds great joy in working with the acrobats of “Corteo” and witnessing their incredible talents on display.

A Coach’s Role: Similar to a Gymnastics Coach

Many wonder what exactly a coach does in the context of Cirque du Soleil. Michael explains that his role is quite similar to that of a gymnastics coach. He supports the acrobats during their training, ensuring they maintain their peak performance and assisting them as they integrate new elements into the show. While these artists are highly skilled professionals, Michael’s presence as a coach provides them with an external perspective and valuable guidance.

The Journey and Gratitude

When asked about his long-lasting journey with Cirque du Soleil, Michael expresses immense gratitude for the opportunities it has provided him. What began as a temporary gig turned into a fulfilling career that spanned nearly three decades. Cirque du Soleil took him places he never could have imagined, allowing him to share his passion for acrobatics and creativity with audiences worldwide.


Michael Ocampo’s insights as the head coach of Cirque du Soleil provide a fascinating glimpse into the world of creativity and performance. The power of letting go, as he emphasizes, is a lesson we can all apply to our artistic endeavors, freeing ourselves from self-doubt and embracing our creative potential. Cirque du Soleil continues to inspire and amaze, thanks to the dedication and passion of individuals like Michael, who tirelessly work behind the scenes to create unforgettable spectacles that touch the hearts of millions.

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