Connecting Performing Arts with More Creators and Families

What if circus, theater, and musicals can be more accessible to creators and families?

Instead of going to see a show once every few years, we can integrate performing arts as parts of our lives without breaking the bank.

What if reviews and reflections can come directly from us, in plain and helpful language, instead of theater critics and reporters?

We can learn, reflect, support one another (including the artists), and transform our lives – a win-win for everyone!

Fei Wu

Hey, it’s Fei.

I’m a performing arts friend, supporter, and advocate. I never thought I’d made so many friends who are artists and performers, and be able to learn so much from them as a content creator and entrepreneur.

Over the past decade, I went from barely setting foot inside a theater to watching dozens of shows from Cirque du Soleil, Broadway, as well as local theaters and youth groups. My producer Adam Leffert, German Ceballos, and I traveled to major cities in the US and Canada to work with production and PR companies, bringing forward friendly and authentic content to viewers and readers like you.




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