Participate in Performing Arts as Schools for Effective Leadership

Participate in Performing Arts as Schools for Effective Leadership

Hi friends and families, we believe that you’re a leader, and it’s true whether or not you believe it! The most remarkable visionaries became leaders as they learned many skills from the performing arts. Keep reading to learn how you can do it, too, courtesy of Performing Arts World.

The Power of Observation

Taking part in the performing arts teaches you to observe, which is watching without making assumptions. It all starts with becoming more open and still, paying attention to what’s going on around you instead of your internal thoughts. Mayo Clinic notes that mindfulness exercises can help you observe better by keeping your awareness in the now.

Effective Communication

Performing before an audience or rehearsing are activities that use your voice and body language. Watch others for unspoken cues, and learn how to actively listen when your peers speak. This can help you as you grow into leadership roles as everyone with a voice deserves to be heard and understood.


It’s no lie that performing in front of any group isn’t for the faint of heart. You need be confident in your abilities and your team if you’re going to make it through to the final applause. People young and old can benefit from facing their fears and surrounding themselves with positive teammates. You also learn to focus on your own skills instead of comparing yourself to others. The truth is that your peers who seem to be better once started where you are now.

Learning to Take Risks

Risks are part of the performing arts environment. Sometimes you work hard on a project only to see a handful of patrons show up for the grand unveiling. The only thing you can do is persevere. Taking risks is connected to facing your fears, so don’t do anything impulsively. Risks come in all sizes, which makes it easier to practice your risk-taking skills on a smaller scale. Is there a new restaurant in town you’d like to try? What about trying something new at a favorite eatery or using a different route to work?

Planning Projects

Those in a theater setting know that bringing a performance to fruition takes time. It could be many months before the grand opening and the inevitable standing ovation. Additionally, planning a performance utilizes many of the same practices as any other project, such as goal setting. You also learn the concepts of backward design, which involves setting goals before planning the physical and visual aspects of a project.

Creative Thinking

Creative skills can enable visionary leadership, which goes beyond simply offering great ideas. True leadership inspires change and steers a direction for development. Psychology Spot points out that creative people really do see the world differently, and research shows exactly how they’re more likely to see things that other people miss. By tapping into your creative skills, you can build up your capacity to see things from a different perspective and become an innovative entrepreneur in the world of business.

Drawing Back the Curtain

The performing arts are more than creative and fun outlets for everyone. You can grow into a visionary leader by learning communication and observation skills, among others. Remember to be an active listener and embrace creative thinking.

Performing Arts World makes circus, theater, and musicals more accessible to creators and families. Contact us today to learn more!

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